Hello, I'm Rita

A Multi-Faceted Life,
a Lifelong Pursuit of Learning and Sharing

Born into a cherished Portuguese family, I have split my life between Portugal and Belgium, a country close to my heart that has significantly shaped my professional journey.

I have grown up and lived in an international and multicultural environment all my life. I am the mother of a beautiful daughter, an introvert and people-loving dreamer, a dedicated bookworm, a language enthusiast, and a sports lover.

Curiosity is my middle name and I thrive on learning and sharing knowledge with others. I am also deeply committed to giving back to the community through active volunteer work and helping charities to ensure the continuity of their mission.

Organization is my superpower

With a rich, diverse background and over 30 years of professional experience, I am your FOCUS Ally. 

In my career, organization is my superpower. Over the years, I've optimized projects, created structures for growth, and fostered environments for individuals to thrive. 

Whether leading projects on-site or remotely, as a solopreneur, or within a multinational company, my focus remains on driving growth by fine-tuning operational efficiency.

People are my motivational driver

My goal today is to assist business owners in navigating growth challenges while maintaining their passion.

I bring clarity with a unique blend of organization, methodology, and analysis, all infused with humor and passion.
Making a positive impact is immensely rewarding for me, and I continuously draw inspiration from the people I meet. 

My work philosophy centers on genuine connections, effective communication, seamless collaboration, and impactful problem-solving.